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Welcome to a very special corner of Denmark

To the wide open spaces, the unequaled marshland and our dedication to your event. We look forward to welcoming you, whether you require plenty of or little assistance. Guests are the focal point of everything we do – in every single detail.
The Surroundings

Tønder Marsh

Tønder marsh is a unique area between Tønder, Møgeltønder, Højer and the German border. The flat and completely open area is ideal for walking under the open skies, while the River Vidå’s gently lapping waters calm the soul.
The surroundings

Black Sun

On Tønder marsh you may be lucky enough to experience the fantastic phenomenon ”black sun” in the spring and autumn. Thousands and thousands of starlings come from Norway and the countries around the Baltic Sea and spend the night at Tønder marsh before they head off south or north depending on the season.

The Surroundings

Schackenborg Castle

Take a guided tour and experience the stunning castle gardens at Schackenborg Castle in Møgeltønder. The estate has been in the Schack family for over 300 years, which corresponds to 11 generations. Today the Castle is owned by the Schackenborg Fund. Schackenborg Castle is just a few kilometres from both conference centres. If you feel like a brisk walk, you can take the footpath and walk from ECC Tønder.

The Surroundings

Slotfelt Barn

If you want to know more about the Gold Horns, Møgeltønder, Schackenborg and Tønder Marsh, you can pay a visit to Slotfelt Barn, which serves as an information center. It is situated just a few kilometres from ECC Tønder, and you can take the footpath if you would like to go there on foot. It is thought that Slotfelt Barn was built in the 1870’s. Schackenborg acquired it in 1879.

In 2011, HRH Prince Joachim and HRH Princess Marie inaugurated the barn, which today goes under the name ”Gold Horn & Cultural Centre Slotfelt”. The barn is open to the public from may to october.